Saturday, 28 April 2012

Menu Idea

Mock up of how my menu would look placed on wooden boards:

The first idea would be the full menu on one page, the second idea would have various pages which flip over to read. I would quite like the stock to be an off white on the front and then a dark grey/black on the back. This is just an initial idea, I need to try and test out some colours first however I want to make sure that colour doesn't over complicate the design.

Wood Inspiration

Love the idea of having my menu handed out on wooded boards. I think it gives a really rustic, homely feel yet the black and white menus like in the examples above look really clean and modern which is the kind of effect i wish to achieve with this.

I particularly like the last image with the bill receipt on the wooden board and think it would be great to have this idea throughout different elements of my deli.

I may experiment with laser cutting, possibly having the logo engraved into the wooden boards similar to the first few images here.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don't really have a clue what these poster say but thought something like this would be a really nice idea as some kind of artwork which could feature as posters inside the deli which also work as promotional material for particular foods and specials sold in the deli.

Typographic Menu Designs