Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ministry Of Sound Final Boards

YCN Graze Final Boards

Fashion Yearbook Final Boards

Deli Final Boards

Waitrose Final Boards

Fashion Packaging Final Boards

SOI Evaluation

Looking back at my statement of intent and seeing where i've come:

I honestly feel my design practice had been quite focused for some time and so I have stuck to my statement of intent pretty well. I've known pretty much since second year that packaging design is the path i want to follow and third year has allowed to take this focus and really put my all into it. I've always felt a little embarrassed about showing my work off to people, but now im producing work I like and starting to feel proud of what i've done. I finally feel like my portfolio is coming together.
I stated that I wanted to focus more on the concepts behind my work and I feel I have done this in particular with my Waitrose brief and especially the YCN Graze brief.