Tuesday, 27 March 2012


What needs to be included in the mailshot:

- What Graze is
- How it works
- How to get it
- What it looks like
- Delivery info
- Price
- Info on the foods you can get
- A message which lets people know the materials used for the boxes and booklets are all made from sustainable sources and are all recyclable.

- To encourage people to sign up to Graze i'm going to include a code to get the first box free.
- I will include my plantable seed paper to make the mailer more exciting and interactive. It will hopefully get people to pay more attention rather than discard it as junk mail.
- I want to show how the grow your own box is a new addition to Graze and promote this in the mailer

The info book I received with my first Graze box has some useful info which I can include in my mailer:

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