Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nutrition Card Ideas

Graze Info Booklet

Each graze box comes with two little information booklets. One is generally about graze and how it works and the other is a personalised booklet which contains the nutritional information for the snacks in your box (see images below):

Rather than creating little packets for the seeds come in, I have decided I will use the plantable seed paper to create 4 small cards which contain the nutritional information on of the 4 snacks you get in the graze box. Once you have eaten the snacks you are then left with 4 empty tubs in which the nutrition cards can be placed in, watered and left to grow (you will need to add soil to these tubs). The result is that they will grow into 4 small tubs of different herbs or veg which can then be used as cooking ingredients. The instructions of how to do this and look after the plants will be shown somehow on the inside of the main graze box.

Graze Box Form and Net

I received my graze box through the post over the weekend. I've taken it apart so I can look at the size and measurements for making the net:

(add photos and net)

New Logo Type

I've picked a lighter typeface to look more friendly and fun. I think this is working a lot better as looking back at the previous typeface, it now looks too bold and harsh.


I want the seeded paper to contain seeds which will grow into herbs and other edible plants so that the 'grow your own' graze box has something you can actually use and therefore more of a purpose to it.
Im looking at different herbs which could grow from the seed paper. I will illustrate each one on the different packets. Below are a list of what you can purchase in the seeded paper: