Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fashion Packaging Evaluation

   Although this was only a very quick brief, I am happy with the results. Due to my main focus being packaging design, I was asked by Emma Cooper if I wanted to join her and her fashion student Hannah Wakeford in creating packaging for Hannah's submission. As I wasn't doing any kind of fashion collaboration I instantly said yes.
   The brief was quite simple as Emma had already created all the branding so I designed and created the packaging to go with this meaning logos and colours created by Emma were part of my mandatory requirements.
   It was really fun to work on and actually having a real client was a good for experience although I did find producing work for someone else to have was quite nerve wracking. I knew it had to be fully functional and perfect as there is no escaping any mistakes with the use of good photography!)
   Hannah was really pleased with the finished piece which is always a confidence boost, however it was quite sad to have created this to then hand it over to someone else and not have it as your own, I guess this is something I will need to get used to though as it is how a lot of things work in this kind of industry. I made sure I photographed well for my portfolio and i'm really please how this looks.

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