Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Expanding Waitrose

From the crit last week it was suggested I make use of my patterns by applying them to kitchen textiles such as tea towels, aprons and oven gloves etc. I think this is such a perfect idea to expand my Waitrose product range and also great as I was trying to think of an idea to further use my patterns as it took such a long time to create them all.

I looked all over to try and find a plain black oven glove and tea towels suitable for screen printing my coloured patterns onto but it proved very difficult to get hold of these!

I've managed to get hold of some little towels in perfect colours to match my labels, however due to them being the fluffy kind of towelling material I can't print onto them so have decided I will just mock up the patterns onto my photos using photoshop.

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Again I couldn't get hold of a plain black oven glove so I have used my sewing skills to cover one I had with some material!

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