Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Yearbook Feedback

Gemma didn't like the photo on the cover as she felt it didn't look encouraging for new students to come on the course. However she liked my idea of the cover with the folds, combined with ellis' idea on the extended lines from 'fashion and design' (see these below). She also liked becky's idea of collaging the students images on the cover however due to us not having any of these yet we might be too pushed for time to use this idea.
We have decided to work separately on some more cover ideas based on Gemmas feedback and meet together again on friday morning to finalise it.

Layout of student pages:
Gemma was happy with the layouts we had chosen and the layout of the text. Once we have received all images off students and placed these into the layout we will need to meet with Gemma again to check the order of the pages.

There was a mistake on the contents page in the mock up as I had printed one where the type was too large. However this is just a minor change

Breaker spreads and quote pages:
Again due to the image, the quote pages need more work. Gemma liked the block colour pages (and she also really liked the colour we had picked) and said she would be happy to have these as the breaker spreads.

David Frost quote will be taken out.
Stick with the idea of the cutting lines.

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