Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ministry Of Sound Evaluation

   This brief initially started out as a competition brief for D&AD to complete 3 typographic posters for Ministry Of Sound. I had always set out to submit the posters and then expand on the brief in order to fulfil if for the module submission and also, I wanted to incorporate packaging design into it as this is my main focus area of design.
   With the initial brief set by D&AD, I felt that there were quite a lot of limitations and so the posters I submitted for the competition, although I was happy with them as I felt they suited the MOS brand and I felt I worked well to the brief mandatories, I didn't feel they suited me and the kind of work I usually produce. This meant once I had completed the posters for the competition submission, I felt very stuck for quite some time with how to expand on it. I then decided to pretty much start this brief over. I stuck with all my initial ideas and similar inspiration but scrapped all the mandatory requirements set by D&AD (such as colours) so I could produce something I felt suited me and my portfolio more. This was the best thing I could have done with this brief as I feel very happy with what i've ended up producing.
   One thing that I'm very please with is due to the initial D&AD brief being in the typography category, it meant I had to be very type focused and so I produced my own typeface. I've always been interested in type but never created a typeface before and I'm actually very pleased with how it turned out. I feel this is good for my portfolio too as I now have another element to add to it to show I have a wider range of skills.

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