Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Menu Mock

Went down to woodwork today to get myself some wood for my menu. Here is a quick test and I think it's looking really good. There are a few little changes I do need to make, i'm going to make the menu slightly bigger as the text is a little small and also so it fits the width of the wood better. The wood also needs cutting down a little too as you can see in the last image it's too long at the moment.

I was considering getting a clipboard clip to attach my menu to the wood but I tested it out using a large bulldog clip and I think this actually works quite well so I will be using this idea.

For the stock of the menu I think I want to use an off white colour but this is something im yet to try out as the above is just a test print. I'd like the back of the stock to possibly be the dark grey i've used for the text so when you flip the pages over it's different to the front.

I may also laser cut the deli logo onto the wood.

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