Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yearbook Update

We've been having a few problem regarding images from the fashion students. Many of the students have not finished their garments yet and therefore have still not had any photoshoots. This has lead to a huge delay in progress on the yearbook as we have no images to work with. The layouts have been decided on so we are just currently working with any image we have had so far. We have been setting various deadlines but now we have gave a cut off deadline for final images by 14th May.

List of dates and deadlines:

Tues 6th April - This was the original date to receive images off students.

Fri 4th May - PDF of final to Lorenzo - Due to the issues above this has been discussed and will be sent at a later date.

Tues 8th May - Meeting with Gemma 3.30pm to show her a printed version (this will be as close to the final as possible but many images will be being replaced once finals are sent from the students)

14th May - Final deadline for images off fashion students. Any images not received will mean they cannot be involved in the book.

14th-16th May - Two days to add/change final images in the layout.

16th May - Send final to print

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