Saturday, 5 May 2012

Student Page Experiments

As only me and Kim attended our group meeting yesterday, we have had to go ahead and make all the final decisions without the others. We have a meeting on tuesday with Gemma in which we will be presenting the almost final version of the yearbook so over this weekend me and Kim will be testing out the images in the layouts we created yesterday. We will be meeting on tuesday morning to pick the best ones to print and present to Gemma in the afternoon.

Layout experiments:
We have decided on 4 page layouts for the book so we need to test each students images in these different layouts to see which best fits their images.

Not all of the images have been received off the students yet meaning I am unable to experiment with every page so currently just working with those I have:

Elouise Norris Pages:

Open publication - Free publishing - More fashion

Zara Parmar Pages:

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