Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Graze Evaluation

   I'm really pleased with how this brief turned out, and i'm happy I have submitted it to YCN. I always think the pressure of entering a competition brief means you try harder and try to produce work to a higher standard, purely for the reason you are competing against so many others and also the pressure that so many people could end up viewing your work.
   As this was the first brief I fully completed due to the competition deadline, it gave me that push to work harder on the rest of my briefs to get them to this stage by working at a quicker pace. I always seem to start off briefs very slowly before I get round to designing and developing, but due to this brief (and D&AD) both having tighter deadlines, I learnt that it is much better to move quickly. I gained more confidence from working like this as I proved to myself that I am capable. I also found that working at this quicker pace means you get the time to make mistakes, learn from them and they can still be resolved, rather than running out of time. It also means your briefs don't drag out and you don't end up getting bored which I have found in previous modules.
   I felt when I initially started this brief that there wasn't actually too much you could do with it due the the brief restrictions being quite tight (you couldn't change the format of the packaging etc) however I feel what I came out with was very concept driven as well as focusing on the visual aspect so this made me feel I had took the brief further than just a simple re-design.

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