Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yearbook Evaluation

   I think the yearbook brief has been the ultimate learning curve for me, yet been so rewarding to have completed. Initially pitching for the graphics yearbook, I really wanted to take part in a real life brief that was representing part of the college and that would 100% be existing in the real world and so being picked for the fashion yearbook I felt was such a great opportunity.
   This was my first brief in which I have ever worked for a client so it was quite nerve wracking as it's such a big thing for the college, however working with others gave me that bit more confidence to take it on and also completing it as part of the course meant I also still had that bit of security behind me if things didn't ever go quite to plan.
   Editorial and layout isn't my usual area I focus in so I found this brief taught me a lot. I've definitely learnt quite a few more skills in InDesign which I didn't have before. And i've also learnt how relying on other people (the fashion students) in order to actually complete the work can be very stressful. We had many problems in receiving images and information which put a lot more pressure on us as we had to complete the book in quite short period of time. However I think we did rise to the challenge very well which made it a lot more rewarding in the end.
   Due to it being a real live brief meant there was a lot more pressure for everything to be completely perfect. This was good in the sense that it never allowed me to cut corners and also meant I was working to complete things at a higher standard, yet the responsibility of this meant it was quite a stressful time.
   I think we worked well as a team when it came down to the fun stuff such as experimental work and design decisions, however when it came down to putting the effort in to get things completed and organised there were some who took on more responsibilities than others. I've learnt collaborations are a lot harder in groups larger than two and would prefer to not work with this amount of people again as it got a bit confusing at times trying to make sure everyone knew what was going on.
   Over all I feel we all should be very proud to have completed this brief. The experience of working on something so important and also for a real client has actually made me feel a lot more confident for finishing the course and doing this as my future.

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